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Aircraft Maintenance

Sun Valley Aviation’s maintenance department is dedicated to several key elements: QUALITY, SAFETY, and CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our team uses industry controls in concert with existing regulations to provide a high level of quality maintenance care for your aircraft resulting in a safer end product. This means following manufactures recommended procedures, providing continuous training to our staff, performing inspections of work already accomplished, and following the regulations closely. These are the basics to any quality aviation safety program. By always striving for a safer finished product we find that quality is also improved.

We want as much information as you can give us about your aircraft and any problem you may be having. Only then will we begin to inspect, troubleshoot and repair. When it comes to parts, we know there are many FAA approved sources.

We will utilize all available resources to find the best prices on the parts you need in an effort to maintain affordability. Rest assured that we will communicate with you throughout the maintenance process. We will make ourselves available outside of regular hours if you have problems and are stranded.

Certified Repair Station 7MBR787C