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Aircraft Management

Let Us Be Your Flight Department

Even though Sun Valley Aviation is the newest FBO in south Texas we already have extensive experience with aircraft management.

Here are just a few of the benefits to having Sun Valley Aviation manage your aircraft:

Qualified Air Crews

We handle all training and selection of qualified pilots. Using our pilot pool allows you to have the kind of quality pilots you want without having to support an HR department.

Maintenance Scheduling

Aircraft ownership requires attention to maintenance intervals for your aircraft. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at the airport ready to travel for a necessary business meeting in another part of the state or even a weekend getaway only to realize that a required inspection for your aircraft expired two months ago or the battery is dead or the navigation databases for your navigations system are not current. Sun Valley Aviation is ready to help alleviate these issues so your airplane is ready when you are.

Reduced Costs

Having us implement an integrated management program for your aircraft will bring your overall costs of ownership down. Constant simulator training for pilots, progressive maintenance which cuts down on unexpected maintenance issues and possible liability insurance breaks through our fleet program can all help control your costs.

Government Regulatory Compliance

Aircraft managed by Sun Valley Aviation are all kept current with all applicable regulations (FAA, DOT, OSHA, ICAO)